Mind-Catching Design deals with web design and web development. It is an entity run by a web designer based in Austin, TX. It is, therefore, an appropriate solution for individuals who are just starting their small businesses. Its services cut across all fields and help businesses struggling to improve their online presence.

At Mind-Catching, we customize designs and ensure websites have high-quality visuals that capture not only the eyes but also minds of site visitors. The rates are negotiable thus ideal for those on a tight budget. If you are after increasing effectiveness and traffic on your site, Mind-Catching Design is the service to contact.

Web Design

Web design is an interesting field. The look of a website says a lot about the owner. With Mind-Catching, the sites we design have the look needed to impact users.

Web design involves a number of things but not limited to color choice, images, typography, layout and composition. When these elements are artistically combined, they create such an attractive site, which is exactly what Mind-Catching provides: high end, high quality, a well thought off design that speaks of a person’s or an organization’s clientele.

Web Development

Having a successful website does not end with the design, there is development to be done. This includes the effort to increase the online presence. On web development, we look at usability, searchability, and accessibility of your website, not forgetting how sellable it is. A website may have a great design but if it is poorly developed, it fails to reach the targeted audience. We help you avoid such a scenario.

End Result

One of the goals of Mind-Catching Design is to ensure your organization achieves its purpose. We do this by ensuring we design and develop you a website that reflects your field, is usable on all browsers, is easy to use and is easily found by search engines. We ensure you are able to connect with your target market in a more effective way to increase your marketing efforts.

Eventually, you will love the look of your website. Online users will easily find it when they search it online. The design will hook them to it. There are web design samples you can go through to get the gist of what we are talking about.

Graphic design

Mind-Catching also deals with several graphic design projects such as business cards, sales collaterals, and ads. The messages entailed on them are precise and simple to effectively attract audiences. The products are high quality to ensure you achieve your goals. You can get samples of previous graphic design projects.

We are also dealing with freelance work. Contact us for details and get top notch services.