Is Mind-Catching Design a big design agency?

Mind-Catching is not a big design agency. It’s created and run by a Freelance Web designer/ Web developer in Austin, TX. It’s basically a one-person business; however, Mind-Catching Design has a network of friends/partners who are experienced and professional web/graphic/flash/multimedia designers and readily available to help when needed. We were in San Jose, California before and moved to Austin, TX in 2007. Although based in Austin, we can serve you wherever you are.

What kind of design services are you offering?

We’re offering web design, graphic design, and Flash design and development. Although Flash works can sometimes be incorporated in our web design projects; many times they’re stand-alone animations, banner ads, or simple games with use of actionscripting.

If you currently have a website, we can maintain it for you; we can also re-design your website User Interface, re-develop the whole site, add new pages, new graphics, new functions to the site, or make your site more search engine friendly. If you haven’t had a website; we can work with you from the beginning till the completion of the project and even show you how to make minor update to your site. Contact us for a free quote/consultation.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we do. We accept PayPal and credit cards – processed by PayPal, so your confidential and private information will be securely handled by a trusted company – PayPal – an eBay’s company.
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