Web design

Mind-Catching treats every web design and web development project in its own terms: WEB + DESIGN. We focus not only on the DESIGN elements [layout/composition, typography, color scheme, imagery…] but also on the WEB elements [web usability, accessibility, searchability, and sellability] of your site

Your website designed with us will have the look and feel of your business and industry; will function properly cross-browser and cross-platform; will be user-friendly and search engine-friendly; and will help you sell your ideas, products and services to your target audience.

Most web design and web development projects are XHTML compliant and structured with CSS and tableless design. In plain English: your website is guaranteed to always be up to the current web standard, to function properly, and to have the separation between content and presentation making it easier for you to maintain your site on your own without muddling through extraneous codes.


BaoHy Label Co. Ltd. – Bilingual Website

Project info: BaoHy Label is a mid-size company providing labeling solutions to the clothing industry based in Vietnam and serving customers in Asia and around the world. I re-desiged and re-developed this bilingual website in both English and Vietnamese using Unicode.

The website is also highly optimized with top rankings in Google and Yahoo! for keywords like “woven label in Vietnam,” or “Vietnam label,” and other major keywords in Vietnamese… The site is currently small yet scalable with the use of CSS and PHP page setup behind the scene allowing adding/editing pages, site navigation, content, and switching languages at ease.


Pressure Washer Chemicals – PayPal Shopping Cart Website

Project info: The website for Pressure Washer Chemicals was created as a full CSS/XHTML template with 3 initial pages. The 2 product pages have PayPal shopping cart functionaility. The site can be easily expanded by the client.

After being launched for 2 months, the website ranks top in Google, Yahoo! MSN with “pressure washer detergents,” and “pressure washer chemicals.” That’s a very good ranking considering the domain is new, and the site hasn’t got a lot of content yet.


Radford Surveys + Consulting – Public Website

Project info: Radford Surveys + Consulting is the leading provider of compensation surveys and consulting services for the hi-tech and life sciences industry based in San Jose, CA. I worked for Radford as a web designer and had a chance to re-develop and re-launch the whole Radford.com website; to optimize the site coding and content for major search engines; and to assess front-end usability.

Radford.com is highly, if not top ranked in Google, Yahoo!, and MSN for its compensation survey products such as “Sales survey,” “Benchmark survey,” “Executive survey,” “Life Sciences survey,” “Sabbatical valuation services,” or “Stock valuation services”.


On-point Consulting Group – Web Template

Project info: I designed the user interface, prepared web graphics, and coded XHTML/CSS template for another designer in this project. Click on image to view sample pages.


Seaview Travel – Website Design Makeover

Project info: The website is one in my website design makeover series – I found websites that I don’t like and make them better in terms of coding, design, and usability. This is one step further of Webpagesthatsuck.com

Here is the “before” version, and here is the “after” version. Click on image to view sample pages.