Graphic design

Mind-catching High Impact Graphic Design

Mind-cathing has done more web design projects than graphic design works. To be exact, we provide light graphic design services to our web design clients. Some clients want to have a consistent look and feel across their website and marketing and sales literatures for their businesses. We may do little, but we do it well.

Mind-catching graphic design works include ads, editorials, business cards, sales collaterals, and more featured with strategic simplicity and to-the-point marketing messages.

Like its web design works, Mind-catching graphic design works are high impact with strong but harmonious color scheme and typography, and effective use of negative and positive space to effectively catch the eyes and the minds of your viewers

Exhibition Panel Design

Concept: This exhibition panel was created when Coats introduced their latest Color Matching System that can match colors [of fabric and thread] perfectly. The idea was also to emphasize the company’s environmental consciousness. Thread with perfect color or the ocean? Even dolphins can’t tell the difference!

Ad / Editorial / Sales Collateral Design 

Project Info: This ad was to attract new customers – asking them to make a move – the right move – to use Coats threads. The ad aimed at both garment and shoes makers using polyester and Nylon threads.