Most of the conventional web design aspects in 2018

2017 was by far one of the most impressive years when it comes to web design. In the same year, witnessed increased use of long-form content, a rise in AI chat bots and explosive emphasis on responsive designs. However, 2018 promises to be the next big year as the predicted trends are simply over the roof.

Most of the conventional web design aspects we have now may cease to be within the next few months. This is simply the nature of website design as new trends prompt the evolution of existing technologies to keep up with the new interests. Here is a brief list on the website design trends you should watch out for in 2018:

1. Mobile Responsiveness
According to data usage trends, mobile browsing is here for the long haul and you can expect more users to browse your pages using their smartphones. In fact, Google has promised to introduce their new mobile first indexing in the first half of 2018. This should be sufficient motivation to take the mobile version of your site very important to ensure it is among the top in search engine results. It therefore goes without saying that your site should depict improved mobile responsiveness.

2. Brighter Colours and Gradients
The benefits of effective typography cannot be overstated and we will be witnessing brighter gradients in 2018. Why have slow-loading images that take up a lot of space on your site when you can use bold texts and brighter gradients to capture user attention. Bright punchy colours can be used to highlight specific segments such as links and call to actions and also direct readers’ attention to various texts you want them to read. The trend is already catching on and we expect to see more of it in 2018.

3. More Graphic Illustrations
As large images fade out of favour, we will be seeing more graphic illustrations and icons taking the foreground to complement brighter typography. This will mark the beginning of aesthetic 2D website designs and it can only mean one thing; the user experience will be significantly improved.2D is also perfect for faster loading speed and these two combined will favour your website to get better ranking from both Google and Bing.

4. Incorporation of Seamless Interactions in Web Design
Facebook already enjoys success with seamless micro-interactions and we see more websites implementing the same in their designs in 2018. Instead of having actions that redirect users to another page or reloads, you can have micro-interactions that keep the user within the page. For instance, users can hover over some stars to leave their rating rather than filling in a form. Micro-interactions will help reduce bounce rates that occur when users get frustrated through the many reloads and leave the site altogether. It will also be easier for users to communicate in real time.

These are a few other web design trends we expect in 2018 including the rise in virtual reality video. Although we cannot effectively predict all of them we hope to be part of a few more surprises in 2018. We also offer innovative responsive design and SEO-optimised WordPress sites to rank your site higher the minute you launch. If you are looking for web design in Norwich or Norfolk, you can contact us today for any inquiries.

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