How to learn coding and have a good holiday?

Are you torn between the prospect of having a holiday in some sunny place and upscaling your skills in the digital and coding domains? We have some great news – there is a way how you can do both of these. The need for developers working in the iOS environment is rising and this is why anyone who is a coder should think about upgrading their skill set. Right now, Apple is covering about 33% of the mobile market and now is the right time to add app development for iPhones as a new tool in your coding toolbox.

Fortunately, these can be attained during only eight weeks and the boot camp called The App Academy’s course called Coding on the Beach. This advanced course which is project based will allow you to attain digital experience but also direct knowledge of coding languages like PHP, Python, and Java. The same chance applies even if you lack any coding experience with a beginner boot camp starting in February. Any of these is ideal for those who want to code during the day and then spend their leisure time on the gorgeous Caribbean island, you can count on the fact that you have your perfect plan for the winter. The camp takes place on Curacao, which is an incredible beach on the Dutch Caribbean Island. Booking your place on the boot camp before the 10th of November can save you 2,000, which is great for experiencing its sand beaches and vibrant buildings similar to canal houses of the city of Amsterdam.

Here, you will also be able to up your game as a coder and a participant in projects related to app development for iPhones. The boot camp includes daily workshops and lectures on mobile tech, which is now the fastest growing domain of the IT and software industry. The camp’s curriculum has been created by leading experts in the field, covering years of professional experience in UX design, product strategy, and mobile app development. Here, you will be able to learn Swift code and with it how to write code for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS, but also cover things like augmented reality and fast prototyping. After week five, the skills will move to the final project and workshops that focus on Server-side Swift, Core ML, ARKit, SiriKit, and Core Animation.

With over 50 hours of active work on-site per each week, you will graduate so that you are truly a fully-operational iOS developer with over 400 hours of direct experience. The hands-on training means that anyone will be able to take their next step in their career, which would in turn quickly pay for the course itself. With two packages on offer, it is easy to see that you can find what the best choice is for you and do not forget the discount you get if you book your trip before the 10th of November. The package costs 7,950 for attending the course and having your own accommodation and flights, but for only extra 2,000, you can get an all-inclusive deal. It covers everything from the standard package, but also adds hotel resort room, breakfast and a weekly invite to a Friday barbecue and cocktail party. Weekends during boot camp are free but there is so much you can do, including scuba diving, relaxing on the beach, visiting Bonaire and Aruba, just to name a few.

When all this is taken into consideration, along with the living costs in a chilly winter in Europe, the option of having a productive and wonderful time on a Caribbean island is a no-brainer choice. Do not wait a minute longer and complete your 2018 wish to become an expert in app development for iPhones, but make this happen on a warm, sunny and beautiful place.

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