Residential Property Management: This Is What Professionals Do

Residential Property Management

What Is Residential Property Management?

Most residential property owners, whether first-time or experienced, barely have time or the professional experience to manage their property personally, thus the need for a liaison between the property owner and the tenants.

Therefore, property owners must hire a professional residential property manager to be in charge of residential property management.

Residential property management is the involved process of managing and overseeing the daily operations of a residential property.

The property could house various types of tenants ranging from single-family homes to condos and multi-family homes. Residential property management services are key to the success of most properties.

Through residential property managers, property owners are assured of efficiency and promptness in rent collection, proper management of tenants, and general property maintenance.

In this article, we discuss the key elements associated with residential property management.

What Is A Residential Property Management Company?

A property management company is tasked to deal with residential occupants and prospective tenants. Through residential management companies, renting houses is made more convenient for both the property owners and the tenants.

Property companies provide residence management teams that are tasked with various responsibilities within the residences. The provision of these management services comes in handy, especially for property owners who have busy schedules.

What Does Residential Management Company Do?

Property management companies like The London Management Company – offer several services, all based on various factors. They include; the size of the property, your total budget, and the number of tenants renting the real estate residential property.

In the list below, we highlight the various services property management companies offer.

  • Marketing the property- It is perhaps among the most valuable services offered by property management companies. They take charge of marketing the property in a bid to attract potential tenants.
  • They take photos of the property, advertise on different platforms, and show the property to clients through ads and real estate websites.
  • Property maintenance- Handling tenants’ needs on your own as a property owner can be hectic. The management companies hire maintenance and repair specialists to respond to all matters that need proper handling effectively through property managers.
  • Rent management- Property management companies are tasked with assessing properties to determine rental rates. They are also in-charge of rent collection from tenants at the stipulated time.
  • Legal services- Property management companies alleviate the stress associated with legal compliance matters. They have deep knowledge of state and national laws guiding tenants and property owners. They, therefore, ensure that all the rules are regulations put in place are adhered to. Knowledge of these laws ensures effective solving of the property owner- tenants disputes that often arise.
  • Management of tenants- Managing clients entails; screening potential tenants and choosing the most suitable, supervising move-ins, move-outs, and evictions, and responding to all issues of concern raised by the tenants.

Benefits of Hiring a Property Management Company

  • Convenience- Hiring a reputable property management company offers great convenience to property owners. Since they are not required to take charge of the property directly, they have time to focus on other important tasks.
  • Maximised returns- In comparison to property owners, property management companies take a shorter time to advertise vacant spaces within the property. Since they have the right access to advertising channels, they attract tenants within a short span. No houses stay idle for long periods. Therefore, a guarantee of consistent returns.
  • Qualified tenants- Property management companies have highly experienced teams who take time to screen and accept tenants who meet the right standards. This gives room for a good relationship to thrive between the property owner and the tenants.
  • Protect against illegitimate liability claims- At times, clients may launch false claims such as; unlawful evictions, illegalities in rent collection, and low-quality maintenance procedures.  The property manager ensures the credibility of all the information that may be held against the property owner.
  • Better property reviews- Most clients prefer to rent out homes managed by property companies instead of direct landlords. Dealing with landlords may cause inconvenience often, thus the preference for homes managed by property management companies.

Disadvantages of Hiring A Property Management Company

  • High costs- This is the most important factor that property owners consider before choosing to seek a property management company’s services. There are basic management charges that are supposed to be cleared and other additional charges such as leasing fee, vacancy fee, and setup fee.
  • Unsatisfactory management- Quite often, the property manager in charge may fail to go the extra mile in the management role. This may lead to dissatisfaction, and you could be frequently expected to manage and supervise the property manager. Failure to do this could eventually lead to asset mismanagement.


This article offers an in-depth discussion of the key factors related to residential property management. Reading keenly through it provides you with crucial information that is a key determinant of managing your property on your own or hiring a property manager.

Suppose you decide to hire the services of a property management company. In that case, you are advised to carefully analyse those within your location, and based on reviews, settle on the most credible residential property management company.

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