Six website design mistakes to avoid

Owners fail to achieve quality web design. It is important to develop a website that is user-friendly. A poorly designed website drives away your visitors. To assure your visitors keep coming back to you, there is need to look at some website design mistakes that you need to avoid:

Poor navigation
This is one of the biggest errors with website design. If visitors are unable to get around your website easily, they will simply leave your site and move on to the other one. Good navigation can keep users intact. While you want to keep the navigation simple, it is important to keep it effective as well. Your navigation should be user-friendly.

Landing pages
It is often seen that web users often wonder where they have landed. Each page on your site should be able to show your visitors that what your website is all about. This is important when visitors are landing on internal pages without directly coming to the home page.

Long pages
Long pages are another mistake to avoid when you are working on website design. Most users aren’t going to scroll down long unless they are sure there is something good lying at the bottom. It’s better to split up pages if you can. If that isn’t possible, you can add content options at the top that makes it easy for the user to go down the page.

Slow download times
Today people lack patience. They want to see what they are browsing quickly. If your website is taking a long time to load, most visitors will simply leave. So you should consider download time while designing your website. If your website is taking the time to download, you can limit the size of images from your website or can even reduce the number of images in your web pages.

Too many ads
Visitors aren’t there on your website to see your ads. While advertisements are a great way to earn money, they can be distracting to visitors as well. Using ads isn’t an issue but pay more attention to your website design rather than just those advertisements. Make sure you have a good balance between website content and ads.

Failing to update information
Last but not the least, failing to update content is another big mistake, that you must avoid. Visitors don’t like to see the same information again and again. That means you need to review and modify your website regularly.

Do not assume that the surfer visiting understands everything immediately on your site. The user always has difficulties, the first time, to reach the information included on the site, and then you must strive to provide a consistent and irredundant vision of the structure. Begin to give a good and clear definition of the structure of the information space: generate a site map with the “you are here” accessible at any time and from any place of the website. A function “site search” could complete the work.

Creating an appealing website is important. Avoiding these simple mistakes can allow you create an excellent website that is user-friendly. A user-friendly website probably gets higher traffic and more returns on your investment. Creating your website is a good idea, but you can also refer to some professional Minneapolis website design company. Such web designers know all pros and cons of a good website builder tools, and they can certainly help create good website designs.

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